Dentist Disability Insurance—The Finger Incident
Jan 3, 2013
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

3 Jan, 2013

By Jamie K. Fleischner, President, Set for Life Insurance

I received a phone call today from a dentist client of mine who told me she was going into surgery and wasn’t sure yet if she was going to file a claim.  The ironic thing was that it was the typical scenario that we always discuss with dentists when describing the way own occupation works. So when she told me that she severely injured her fingers playing Ultimate Frisbee over the weekend, she was a bit surprised and a little embarrassed. To protect her anonymity, I will call her Dr. Dentist Finger.

Whenever describing own occupation to dental students, residents and general dentists, the finger scenario always arises. We teach them that the own occupation definition states that it will pay a claim if due to sickness or injury you can’t work in your own occupation (i.e. as a dentist) even if you can work in another occupation. No reduction in benefits will occur.

For Dr. Finger, this scenario came true. After an innocent game of Frisbee, she found herself in the emergency room and a scheduled surgery. Her prognosis: She won’t be able to practice dentistry for at least nine months. She may be able to fill in at a local university doing research to cover another dentist who is out on maternity leave. Since she can’t practice dentistry, her benefits will pay her after her 90 day elimination period.

I assured Dr. Finger that she did in fact have an own occupation definition in her policy. And yes, since she currently can’t work as a dentist due to her finger injury, her claim will be paid.

Sometimes scenarios become reality. Fortunately for Dr. Finger, she properly protected her income and is able to sustain herself financially while she recovers.

For more information about own occupation disability insurance for dentists, contact Set for Life Insurance today!


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