Can Pro Athletes Get Disability Insurance? Absolutely—Here’s Why They Should
Jul 1, 2024
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

1 Jul, 2024

Professional athletes dedicate their lives to excelling in their sports, often starting from a young age and enduring rigorous training regimens. Their careers, although potentially lucrative, are often short and fraught with the risk of injury. This inherent risk makes disability insurance a crucial consideration for professional athletes. Here’s why disability insurance is not just an option, but a necessity for those in the world of professional sports.

The Nature of the Beast: High Risk, High Reward

The career of a professional athlete is marked by intense physical demands, which significantly increase the risk of injury. Whether it’s a career-ending injury or a temporary setback, the financial implications can be devastating. Unlike other professions, where a desk job can be resumed post-recovery, athletes depend entirely on their physical prowess. A single misstep or unfortunate accident can halt their career and income in an instant.

What Is Disability Insurance for Athletes?

Disability insurance for athletes is designed to provide financial protection if they suffer an injury or illness that prevents them from competing. This specialized insurance covers:

  • Permanent Total Disability: If an athlete is unable to return to their sport at all, this coverage provides a lump sum payment.
  • Temporary Total Disability: This offers benefits if the athlete is temporarily unable to compete but is expected to recover and return to their sport.
  • Career-Ending Injury: This type of insurance pays a benefit if an injury ends the athlete’s career prematurely.

Why Athletes Need Disability Insurance

  1. Income Protection: Professional athletes often earn high salaries, but their earning potential is compressed into a few peak years. Disability insurance ensures that if an athlete can no longer compete, they still have a source of income.
  2. Long-Term Financial Stability: Injuries can lead to unexpected medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. Disability insurance can help cover these costs, ensuring that the athlete’s savings and investments are not depleted.
  3. Peace of Mind: Knowing that there is a safety net in place allows athletes to focus on their performance without the constant worry of financial instability due to injury.

The Realities of a Short Career Span

The average career span of a professional athlete is relatively short compared to other professions. For example, the average career length in the NFL is about 3.3 years, and in the NBA, it’s roughly 4.5 years. This short window for earning highlights the importance of protecting their income potential.

Customizable Coverage

Disability insurance policies for athletes can be customized to meet their specific needs. Athletes can choose the amount of coverage, the benefit period, and the waiting period before benefits begin. Policies can also be tailored to cover specific body parts, which is particularly important for athletes whose careers depend on the health of certain limbs or joints.

How to Get Disability Insurance as an Athlete

  1. Work with a Specialized Broker Like Set for Life Insurnace: Finding an insurance broker who specializes in working with professional athletes is crucial. These brokers understand the unique risks and can tailor policies to fit individual needs.
  2. Assess Your Risks: Athletes should work with their broker to assess the specific risks associated with their sport and position. This assessment helps in selecting the right coverage and policy limits.
  3. Compare Policies: It’s important to compare policies from different insurers to ensure the best coverage and rates. Athletes should look for policies that offer comprehensive coverage, including permanent and temporary disability options.
  4. Understand the Terms: Athletes should thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of their policy, including the definition of disability, exclusions, and the claims process.

For professional athletes, disability insurance is not just a prudent financial decision—it’s an essential investment in their future. The physical demands of their careers, combined with the high risk of injury, make it imperative to have a robust financial safety net in place. By securing disability insurance, athletes can ensure that they are protected against the unforeseen, allowing them to focus on what they do best: excelling in their sport.

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