Life and Disability Insurance Paramedical Exams–What Are They Testing For?
Sep 22, 2023
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

22 Sep, 2023

When you apply for a life insurance policy or a disability insurance policy, sometimes the company will request a paramedical exam. This is an exam where someone comes to your home or place of business and conducts a brief exam which requires a blood and urine test.

Paramedical exams are required if you are applying for more than $1mil of life insurance or more than $10,000/month or more of disability insurance. If you are over the age of 50 when you apply, they may require an exam for lesser amounts.

What are they testing for?

  • HIV. You will sign a special authorization allowing them to test you for HIV or AIDS. If you have a positive result, they will send those results directly to your doctor.
  • Drugs. Most companies only test for cocaine or opiates. Drugs can stay in your system for up to a year and show up on a test.
  • Nicotine. These tests won’t detect second hand smoke but will detect if you have consumed nicotine within 48 hours of testing.
  • Cholesterol. This test is sensitive to what you have recently eaten so it is important to fast at least 12 hours before testing.
  • Liver enzymes. This test is sensitive if you have consumed alcohol within 48 hours of testing. This test can also be off if you exercise vigorously prior to testing.

Best Practices:

  • It’s best to schedule your exam for the morning prior to eating.
  • Don’t consume alcohol, drugs or nicotine within 48 hours of testing. Even the occasional cigar can show up in the test results.
  • Try to fast prior to testing for the best cholesterol results.
  • Don’t exercise vigorously prior to your test.
  • Don’t test if you are menstruating as it can interfere with the urinalysis results.
  • Don’t test if you are currently sick.

Other Considerations:

  • When you meet with the examiner, request a copy of your bar code. You will be able to login and retrieve all of your results.
  • If your test is off, you may contest the results. The company will require you to go to your own physician to retake the tests at your own expense.

For more information about paramedical exams or applying for life or disability insurance, contact Set for Life Insurance today!

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