Dentist Disability Insurance

Set for Life has been ‘practicing’ in our specialty area – disability insurance for dentists, dental residents and dental specialists since 1993. Our experience gives us a vast understanding of your unique situation, its complexities, and your insurance needs.

Protecting Your Income in Your Specialty

As a dentist, it is critical that you choose a definition of disability that covers you in your dental specialty. This means if you become too sick or injured to work in your dental specialty, you can still work in another dental specialty or occupation and continue to receive benefits.

When you purchase a policy, each company classifies your dental specialty into an occupational class to determine rates. The higher risk specialties, such as oral surgery are in a separate (typically more expensive class) than less risky specialties such as general dentistry. It is important to note that the policy is based on the occupational class at the time of application, but will base the claim on your occupation at the time of claim.

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Group Benefits vs. an Individual Policy

If you work for a large group or practice, you may be offered a group policy. Group policies typically offer a limited monthly benefit (60 percent of your income to a maximum of $10,000 or $15,000/month). Group policies can’t discriminate – they must offer coverage to everyone in the group. Consequently, they often lack the important provisions of a personal policy.

Paying Your Premiums

If you are concerned about paying for your disability insurance while you finish your residency or become established, there are options! Visit the residents’ disability insurance page to learn more.

Disability Insurance for Dentist D.D.S. Specialists

Orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, prosthodontist and odontologists may purchase up to $6,000/month individual disability benefit without financial verification. You may also purchase up to $10,000/month benefit of business overhead benefit without financial verification.

Disability Insurance for D.D.S. Specialty Residents, Interns and Dental Students

Dental specialty residents in their first through last year of training, or within 180 days of completing their residency program, may purchase up to $6,000/month benefit regardless of income or group benefits in force and there is no financial verification necessary.

General dental students within 180 days of entering private practice or general dentists D.D.S. in their first two years in practice may purchase up to $5,000/month of individual benefit and/or $10,000/month benefit regardless of income or group benefits in force. Dental students in their third or fourth year of school may purchase up to $2,500/month of individual benefit.

Dentists, like physicians and other medical professionals, should look for in an individual disability insurance policy with specific policy provisions.

Other Disability Policies for Dentists

Oftentimes when practicing dentistry, you are also running your own business.

While individual disability insurance will cover your personal income, it does not cover your business expenses. Therefore, you may need to consider Business Overhead Expense (BOE) Insurance. BOE will cover your business expenses such as payroll, rent, etc… if you are too sick or injured to work.

Additionally, if you are buying into a practice, you may be required to take out a disability policy to cover your loan. There are disability policies available to cover the term of your loan. For instance, if you have a 7 year loan and become disabled in the first year, the policy would pay the lender the remainder of your loan. Some banks require this type of insurance before they will secure the loan.

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