Disability Insurance Process

  1. Request a quote.
    You will receive a customized comprehensive quote comparison sent to you via e-mail within 24 hours.
  2. We will contact you.
    We will contact you soon thereafter to confirm you received the information and to review your options and determine the best course of action. At this stage, we can revise the quotes to customize them more to your needs and budget.
  3. Underwriting begins.
    An application is submitted and the underwriting process begins. This includes a private phone interview with the company, a paramedical exam (blood and urine test scheduled at your convenience) and if necessary, medical records are requested from your physician. Depending on the circumstances, this should take 3-6 weeks. We will communicate with you regularly to keep you in the loop. Our role is to work directly with the insurance companies to expedite the process and to advocate for the best offer for you.
  4. Review the policy.
    After a decision or offer is made, you can accept, reject or modify your policy. The policy is then placed in force. You have a 30 day free look period to review your policy.
  5. Accept the policy.
    Relax. You are now covered with life insurance that meets your needs and protects your family. We will continue to remain in contact with you over the years to service your needs. As your situation changes, it is important to keep your plan up to par with your needs.

Are you ready? Get set - for life!

Ricardo S., CEO, Miami, FL

Set For Life Insurance sets themselves apart by their attention to detail, objectivity, responsiveness, and outstanding customer service.