Disability Insurance: Can I Go Direct?
Jul 14, 2013
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

14 Jul, 2013

People sometimes ask me if it is possible to purchase an individual disability insurance policy directly through the company. The answer is no. If decide you really like the ABC company and contact them directly, they will assign you to a broker such as Set for Life Insurance or an agent with their company. Even if it was possible to go directly to the company, there are no benefits to the customer. The premiums would be the same and there is no point of contact to service the policy, make changes to the policy or help if there is a disability insurance claim.

The role of the disability insurance broker or agent is not just to sell the initial policy. It is their job to guide you to purchase the most suitable policy for your situation. Furthermore, they are there for you to help you throughout the years as your situation changes and if you have  a claim.

Some brokers, such as Set for Life, offer discounts which would benefit you, the customer, even more.  Set for Life Insurance has the largest portfolio of disability insurance discounts in the country and are available to policies purchased through Set for Life.  Medical professionals, especially, can benefit as their discounts are mostly in this marketplace. If you are a medical resident, physician, dentist, dental student, medical student, CRNA, veterinarian, resident physician, nurse practioner, physician assistant, surgeon, psychologist, or dental resident, make sure you mention your current employer or if you are a member of an association to take advantage of the discounted rate!

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