Why CRNAs need disability insurance more than ever.
Jan 17, 2013
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

17 Jan, 2013

CRNAs, Certified Registered Nurse Anethetists, are looking to obtain their own individual disability insurance more than in previous years.

If you are a CRNA who is an independent contractor, chances are you need to find your own disability insurance.

With the rising costs of health insurance, a lot of medical practices are dropping their employer paid disability insurance which leaves CRNAs to find their own insurance.

If you are a CRNA with an association policy, you may find out the hard way that your premiums are not locked in until age 65. At certain birthdays, the rates go up significantly.  While the rates seemed reasonable when you were younger, they are now much higher. Purchasing an individual policy may be less expensive, especially since the rates are locked in until age 65. Furthermore, if you are able to obtain discounts on your policy, the rates will be even less.

Check out Set for Life Insurance’s discount page. CRNAs at affiliated hospitals may be eligible to qualify for special discounts if they apply for disability insurance through Set for Life.

For more information about CRNA disability insurance, to find out if disability insurance discounts are available at your hospital or to request a personalized quote comparison, please contact Set for Life Insurance today!


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