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Jan 17, 2013
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

17 Jan, 2013

Yesterday I had a typical call from a CRNA that was referred to me by another CRNA client. Her name was Margaret. Margaret just turned 40 and received a notice that her association plan disability insurance premium was about to jump.  She was now in a new age category. Margaret was not only concerned about the current increase, but about future increases as well.

Margaret works with a hospital in San Antonio, Texas. When she first graduated from her CRNA program, she purchased her disability policy from the association. “At the time when I graduated, it seemed like a good option and the premiums were reasonable.” Now, 10 years later, Margaret is married, owns a home and is raising her 2 children ages 6 and 9. “My income has increased since graduation but so have my financial responsibilities. I need to find a policy that will cover my needs but also where I can lock in my rates and not worry about them increasing in the future. I also need to watch my budget with all of my other personal expenses.”

After reviewing all of the available companies and options for Margaret, we discovered that she was eligible for a Set for Life discount at her hospital. She was able to double her monthly benefit, reduce her monthly premium and lock in the rate until age 65. “I’m so glad my friend referred me to Set for Life. It was such a relief that I can insure myself and lock in my rates for the rest of my career.” With the extra money that she saved, she was able to purchase a term life insurance policy to cover herself the next 20

Why Choose Set for Life?
When it comes to working with CRNAs, Set for Life “sets” itself apart from the rest.

  • Discounts. Set for Life has spent almost 20 years building relationships and setting up discounts around the country at most major hospitals. These discounts save Set for Life clients between 15-55% (depending on company and gender).
  • Expertise. Set for Life principals are highly educated and have a high degree of expertise in the field of insurance.
  • Objectivity. Set for Life is a brokerage working with the top available companies in the marketplace. They will do an analysis and comparison before advising you to ensure you have found the best policy suitable to your needs.
  • Client Experience. Set for Life clients are valued and are treated in a professional yet down to earth environment. Milestones and policy anniversaries are celebrated.

CRNAs, Certified Registered Nurse Anethetists, are looking to Set for Life Insurance to obtain their own individual disability insurance more than ever. Set for Life Insurance understands the CRNA marketplace as it has been an area of specialty for almost 20 years.

For more information about CRNA disability insurance, to find out if disability insurance discounts are available at your hospital or to request a personalized quote comparison, please contact Set for Life Insurance today!

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