Why Do Dentists Need Disability Insurance?
Nov 22, 2010
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

22 Nov, 2010

Dentists need disability insurance like all other professionals.  Typically, we recommend anyone who would not be able to sustain their financial obligations for a long period of time to protect themselves with an individual disability insurance.

So what makes dentists special when it comes to disability insurance?  First of all, being a dentist is a very physical profession. It requires you to be bent over fixing your patients’ teeth for long periods of time. It also requires a great deal of fine motor skills and dexterity. Therefore, even a seemingly minor injury or illness such as arthritis that may not disable someone who sits at a desk, will most likely prevent a dentist from being able to practice their art of dentistry.

In addition to the increased risk, most dentists are also business owners who carry a great deal of overhead. In addition to covering their take home pay, they need to ensure they can continue to pay their business obligations and keep the practice running if they became too injured or sick to work.

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