What is the difference between an insurance agent and broker when it comes to life and disabililty insurance?
Sep 4, 2023
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

4 Sep, 2023
Insurance agents and brokers are both professionals who assist individuals and businesses in acquiring insurance policies, including life and disability insurance. However, there are differences between the roles of insurance agents and insurance brokers:
  1. Insurance Agent:

    • Agents work for specific insurance companies as representatives of those companies.
    • They sell insurance policies offered by their company, which may include life and disability insurance products.
    • Agents have in-depth knowledge of the insurance products offered by their company and can provide information and advice about those specific products.
    • They may earn commissions or salaries from the insurance company they represent based on the policies they sell.
    • Some insurance agents do not have access to policies outside of their company.
    • Insurance agents may not be aware of other policies or products avaialble outside of their company.

      Insurance Broker:

      • Brokers work independently or with brokerage firms that are not tied to any specific insurance company.
      • They act as intermediaries between clients and multiple insurance companies, helping clients find the best insurance policies that meet their needs and budget.
      • Brokers have a broader understanding of various insurance products and can offer a range of options from different insurance companies.
      • Since brokers are not tied to a single company, they can offer impartial advice and help clients compare policies from different insurers.
      • Brokers earn commissions from the insurance companies they place policies with or charge fees directly to the clients for their services.
      • Brokers can shop around to help the client find the most suitable policy at the best price.
      • Brokers tend to be more objective and work with most policies in the marketplace.

The main difference between an insurance agent and broker lies in the affiliation and range of options each can provide. An insurance agent represents a specific company and sells its products, while an insurance broker works independently and offers a wider selection of policies from various insurance companies. When it comes to life and disability insurance, working with an agent might be beneficial if you’re interested in a specific company’s products, while a broker could be more helpful if you want to explore multiple options and find the best coverage for your needs.

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