Surgeon Disability Insurance: When Claims Strike
Aug 5, 2013
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

5 Aug, 2013

Today I had one of the dreaded phone calls you receive when you work in the insurance business. A client of mine, a surgeon, called to tell me he has a brain tumor and is scheduled to go in for a surgery soon as well as a full dose of radiation and chemotherapy.

The moment I receive calls like this I have many mixed feelings. This is a physician client of mine whom I met when he was just finishing his surgical medical residency several years ago in Texas. At the time, he wanted insurance on him and his wife. However, his wife was recovering from a debilitating illness and I informed him she wouldn’t qualify for individual disability benefits.

I came to know this couple over the years and added life insurance when they started their family. He called me when he made partner and had a significant rise in income. Fortunately we not only kept in touch over the years, but we kept his policy up to date as well.

When he called me today to tell me that he had a brain tumor, I felt a sense of sadness. That was soon erased with a sense of relief when I realize that he had a sizable disability insurance policy that would pay him while he is out over the next year. He felt a sense of relief and gratitude that his family would be OK and that he could focus on his health without the stress of any financial woes.

Fortunately for this surgeon client, he had an own occupation definition of disability. His policy is going to pay him a sizable monthly while he is sick for the foreseeable future. His future as a surgeon is unknown as he does not know the extent of his tumor or the adverse issues he may have post surgery and treatment. If he decides to work in another medical specialty or an entirely different occupation as a result, he will receive full monthly tax free benefits.

It is times like this I am reminded of the power of individual disability insurance and the importance of the lives of my clients whom I am helping. I feel grateful to be there for people at a time when they are truly in need.

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