MIB Life Index Reports North American Life Insurance Activity Up 2.4% in October
Nov 9, 2009
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

9 Nov, 2009

Braintree, MA. – (Nov. 5, 2009) North American application activity for individually underwritten life insurance was up +2.4% in October year-over-year, according to the HUMIB Life Index (SM). While the Index lagged prior year’s results for the first two quarters of 2009, July and August activity was flat with solid gains posted in September (+1.2%) and October, year-overyear.

Year-to-date (YTD) application activity is off -0.5% compared to the same ten months in 2008. October’s application activity was up +3.7% over this past September.

Application activity in the U.S. was up +2.2% in October year-over-year, all ages combined. Growth was seen in the 45-59 and 60+ age groups up +4.7% and 17.7%, respectively, while the 0-44 age group was off -2.0%. U.S. volume has been driven principally from double-digit increases in ages 60+ volume across eight of the last ten months, and most recently by gains in the middle-market (ages 45-59) in the last two months. YTD, U.S. application activity is off -0.9%.

Application activity in Canada was up +3.8% in October year-over-year, all ages combined. Growth was strong both in the 45-59 and 60+ age groups up +11.4% and +13.1%, respectively, while the 0-44 age group lagged -1.1% year-over-year. Gains in age groups 45-59 and 60+ have been significant for all of 2009 except January. YTD, Canadian application activity is up +1.9%.




January 2010, MIB will debut a web portal featuring advanced MIB Life Index analytics. Watch for registration links available from the Life Index website, e-lert emails and the monthly press release. For past releases and a free e-lert subscription visit www.mib.com/lifeindex.

About the MIB Life Index

The MIB Life Index is the life insurance industry’s timeliest measure of application activity across the U.S. and Canada. Released to the media each month, the Index is based on the number of
searches life member company underwriters perform on the MIB Checking Service database.

Since the vast majority of individually underwritten life premium dollars in North America include an MIB search as a routine underwriting requirement, the MIB Life Index provides a reasonable
means to estimate new business activity.

About MIB Group, Inc.

MIB Group, Inc. is the premier provider of Internet-based information and knowledge services to the risk management market in North America and is a leading facilitator of electronic insurance
commerce. MIB Group, Inc. companies include MIB, Inc. and MIB Solutions, Inc. (www.mib.com).

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