Life Insurance Awareness Month 2012–Consumer Information
Sep 18, 2012
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

18 Sep, 2012

No one likes to think about dying. But if your loved ones will suffer financially when you die, it’s a subject you have to address. You need to consider how your family would fare financially if, suddenly, you weren’t there to provide for them. Where would the money come from to pay for your funeral, the monthly bills, the mortgage, the kids’ education costs? These are the questions the life insurance industry wants all Americans to ask themselves.

If you have any doubts as to how your family would manage without you, it’s time to take charge of your situation by getting a life insurance check-up today.


Check out LIFE’s website. It offers a wealth of information about life insurance and the buying process. Spending some time on our website will educate you about key insurance terms and concepts, and give you the knowledge you need to make well-informed decisions.


Know the right questions to ask. Once you’ve determined that you have a need for life insurance, the very first question you always need to ask is, “How much do I need?” If you die prematurely, you want to know that your loved ones will have enough money to continue living the kind of life you hoped they’d have. To make it easy for you to get a general sense of your needs, check out our Life Insurance Needs Calculator. Once you know how much life insurance you need, then you’re ready to look at the various types of policies available to you (e.g., term insurance, permanent insurance or maybe a combination of the two). Try out our Interactive Product Selector. It walks you through the questions you need to consider to determine the kind of life insurance that’s right for you.



Seek professional advice. There are lots of factors to consider when determining how much and what kind of life insurance to buy, and the purchasing process can be quite complicated. So when you’re ready to shop, it’s always a smart idea to seek assistance from a qualified life insurance professional. A good insurance advisor will take the time to carefully assess your needs, and provide you with options from which to choose. Our website offers tips on how to find a good agent, and our agent locator will help you pull up the names of agents in your community.

Don’t gamble with your family’s financial future for one more minute. Take charge of your life insurance situation today and rest easier knowing your loved ones would be taken care of if something were to happen to you.

Set for Life Insurance is proud to support the Life Insurance Foundation for Education LIFE and their efforts to educate consumers about life insurance.

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