Is Disability Insurance for a CRNA Nurse Anesthetist the same as for an anesthesiologist?
Feb 16, 2012
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

16 Feb, 2012

As a CRNA, you are in the operating room administrating anesthesia on patients. Therefore, when it comes to disability insurance, are you considered in the same category as an anesthesiologist?

 The answer is: It depends.

 When it comes to disability insurance, companies will classify the risk and categorize occupations in an occupational class. Riskier occupations will pay more premiums than their less risky counterparts.

 For CRNA Nurse anesthetists, some companies classify CRNAs the same as an anesthesiologist. Other companies put CRNAs in a higher risk class, thereby increasing premiums and reducing the period of own occupation. Therefore, it is critical to work with an experienced broker who is familiar with the companies and can help you determine what will be best in your situation.

CRNA Nurse Anesthetists are familiar with the risks involved when working.  A simple injury or a sickness could prevent a nurse anesthetist to perform their job duties.

What CRNAs should look for in an individual disability insurance policy:


  • ·         Own Occupation Definition of Disability. This definition states that if due to sickness or injury you can’t work in your occupation, you will receive your benefits. Additionally, there is no reduction in benefits if you decide to work in another occupation.
  • ·         Increase options. This allows you to increase benefits in the future without going through any further medical underwriting.
  • ·         Residual Rider. This pays a partial benefit if you have a partial loss of income.
  • ·         Discounts. Set for Life Insurance has discounts available nationally for CRNA Nurse Anesthetists. These discounts range from 15-40% depending on your location and gender. If discounts are not yet available at your hospital, we can help you implement them to take advantage of this opportunity.

 For more information about disability insurance for CRNA Nurse Anesthetists, please contact the Set for Life Insurance office today to request a comprehensive quote comparison personalized just for you.

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