GSI Disability Insurance For Medical Residents and Fellows
Dec 17, 2023
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

17 Dec, 2023

Set for Life Insurance has been a proven leader in the disability insurance marketplace for medical residents and fellows since 1993 and have helped thousands protect their current and future income. 

The Unique Opportunity of GSI Disability Insurance

GSI Disability Insurance, short for Guarantee Standard Issue Disability Insurance, is designed specifically for medical residents and fellows, offering a unique benefit: the ability to secure a policy without any medical underwriting. In an industry where nearly one-third of traditional insurance applications encounter obstacles like exclusion riders or outright denials, GSI emerges as a beacon of certainty and security.

Key Features of GSI Disability Insurance

True Own Occupation Coverage: This feature is particularly advantageous for medical professionals. It states that if due to sickness or injury you can’t work in your medical specialty, you will receive benefits regardless of income earned in another specialty or occupation. 

Discounts: Applicants can benefit from discounts up to 30%, making GSI Disability Insurance not only reliable but also financially accessible. These discounts not only apply on your initial policy but to all future increases throughout your career. 

CAUTION: It’s crucial to note that residents must FIRST apply for a GSI policy before applying elsewhere..If a resident or fellow seeks insurance elsewhere and faces denial or receives an exclusion, their eligibility for GSI is no longer available.

Limited Availability: This opportunity is exclusive to brokers such as Set for Life Insurance and not available through all agents or brokers. Furthermore, this opportunity may not be available in the future. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity while it is available. 

Success at Mayo Clinic and Beyond

In its inaugural year at the Mayo Clinic last year, this plan’s value was clearly recognized, with over a third of residents opting in. 

How to Apply/More information

For those interested in applying for GSI Disability Insurance, the process is straightforward. Each participating institution has its guidelines and application portals. Links to the plans can be found here for 

Mayo Clinic

University of Rochester

WashU/Barnes Hospital

University of Chicago

NY Presbyterian.

GSI Disability Insurance represents a significant step forward in protecting the future of medical residents and fellows. Its combination of comprehensive coverage, financial accessibility, and the assurance of no medical underwriting makes it a compelling choice for those at the start of their medical careers. Given its exclusive nature and potential limited availability, timely action is recommended to secure this crucial protection.


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