Disability Insurance Testimonial: Dr. Willow M., Pediatrician, Anchorage, AK
Aug 20, 2009
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

20 Aug, 2009

Set for Life Insurance has been helping our family with an array of financial needs for 13 years. Back when we were starving students and starting a family, they helped us understand and outline goals for income protection, savings, college planning, and life insurance. Even though we could not afford to do it all at once, they helped us make a plan. Today, as our children are growing older and I am part of a thriving medical practice, Set for Life continues to help us with our goals. They are not only experts in their field, but they feel like friends, too.

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Jayne M., CRNA, Durham, NC

I would recommend Set for Life Insurance for any CRNA or professional looking for disability insurance. Even though I already had an existing policy,  I was able to double my coverage at half the cost of what I was paying previously because of Set for Life Insurance's...