Disability Insurance for Self Employed Professionals
May 4, 2023
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

4 May, 2023
Should self employed people buy disability insurance?

Here are some reasons why self-employed people should consider buying disability insurance:

  1. Protect their income: Self-employed individuals typically rely on their ability to work to generate income. Disability insurance can provide a source of income if they become disabled and are unable to work due to illness or injury.
  2. High risk of disability: Self-employed individuals may be at higher risk of disability due to the nature of their work. They may be more likely to work in physically demanding occupations, or may be more likely to work long hours and experience stress and burnout.
  3. No employer-provided coverage: Unlike employees, self-employed individuals do not have access to group disability insurance as an employee benefit. They are responsible for finding and purchasing their own disability insurance coverage.
  4. Protect their business: A disability could prevent a self-employed individual from working in their business, potentially causing significant financial hardship. Disability insurance can help protect their business by providing financial support if they become disabled and are unable to work.
  5. Tailored coverage: Self-employed individuals can typically purchase disability insurance policies that are tailored to their specific needs and occupation, ensuring that they have the right level of coverage to protect their income and business.

Overall, disability insurance can provide valuable financial protection for self-employed individuals in the event of an unexpected disability, helping them to protect their income, business, and financial well-being.

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