Disability Insurance for Dentists Choosing the Best Dentist Disability Insurance Policy
Aug 15, 2011
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

15 Aug, 2011

As a dentist, you have spent years in school and in training and in many instances in building your dental practice. As a result, it is important to insure your ability to work if you become too sick or injured to work as a dentist. Here is some helpful information for dentists looking for a disability policy. What to Look for: • Select a Strong Insurance Company: Companies have objective 3rd party rating systems such as AM Best or Standard and Poors. Look for a company with strong financial ratings. • Definition of Disability: Look for a company with the definition that will cover you as a dentist or dental specialist even if you can earn an income elsewhere. Companies have different names for these definitions so read the clause carefully. Some call it own occupation or regular occupation. • Discounts: Disability insurance can be very expensive. Where available, look for discounts to help offset the cost. At Set for Life, we have discounts available for dentists locally and nationwide. • Work with a specialist: Disability insurance is a very specific type of insurance. Be sure you are working with a specialist who has a great depth of understanding disability insurance policy provisions. For more information about disability insurance for dentists, contact Set for Life Insurance today!

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