Disability Insurance Discounts for Women Physicians: Too Good to be True?
Jun 12, 2013
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

12 Jun, 2013

Set for Life Insurance is proud to offer the largest portfolio of discounted rates on disability insurance in the country. The clients who benefit the most? Women physicians, CRNAs, physician assistants, medical students, and dentists. Why? Because when the rates are unisex, they drop by over 40% for women. Add on an additional 20% employer sponsored discount and women are saving approximately 60% on their non-discounted rates.

60%?! Is that too good to be true? People often have the misconception that if something is less expensive, it must be lower quality. Or there must be a catch.

Yesterday I spoke to a female cardiologist who was graduating her medical residency/fellowship in Seattle. She was stunned that our rates were so much less. She kept asking me if there was a catch.

The unisex policies still have all of the same quality riders and definitions of the non-discounted rates. The policies are still true own occupation covering physicians and dentists in their specialties. Additionally, what makes this policy so attractive is that the discounts carry on for the full life of the policy. If/when you decide to increase your policy in the future and are no longer at your discounted employer, the discounted rates will apply to the increase.

Men still benefit from the discounted rates, even the unisex ones. Their net savings is approximately 15%. Men already pay about 40% less than their women counterparts.

Set for Life Insurance has worked at putting together these discounts throughout the country for the last 20 years. Once a discount is set up through Set for Life at a hospital or employer, all subsequent physicians, residents, dentists, employees, etc… have availability to the discounts, as long as the application is submitted through Set for Life.

In order to lock in the discounts, you must be employed at one of the Set for Life discounted employers at the time of application. If you are getting ready to graduate or leave your discounted employer, make sure you sign up with Set for Life before you leave!

If you currently have a non-discounted policy and are looking to save on your insurance, contact Set for Life and they may be able to help you acquire a discounted policy.

If your hospital or employer does not yet have discounts set up, contact Set for Life and they can help you set up the discount for you and your colleagues.

For more information about disability insurance discounts, contact Set for Life today!

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