Disability Insurance for CRNAs: Is it the same as for anesthesiologists?
Sep 9, 2014
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

9 Sep, 2014

Are CRNAs categorized the same way as physician anesthesiologists when it comes to purchasing individual disability insurance?

CRNAs can purchase the same type of disability insurance as anesthesiologists, covering them if they are too sick or injured to work in their profession. The cost to do so depends on the company. Therefore, it pays to shop around.

When you purchase an individual disability insurance policy, the rates are based on several factors, one of which is occupational class classification. This is one factor that determines the cost of the policy. Some policies classify CRNAs the same as anesthesiologists which makes the rates identical. Some companies classify them differently, which in most cases requires the CRNA to pay more premium than anesthesiologists.

CRNAs who are affiliated with hospitals should look for discounts. This is especially true for women CRNAs. If you can find a unisex rate, this can reduce your premium up to 60%

As a CRNA, make sure you purchase a policy that covers you in your occupation so it will pay you benefits if you can’t work as a CRNA even if you are able to work and earn an income elsewhere.

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