Doctor to Doctor Solutions
Jun 20, 2012
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

20 Jun, 2012

At Doctor to Doctor Solutions, we facilitate the efforts of healthcare companies to get their products and/or services more quickly to the people who need them the most:  the patients. 

In healthcare, access to people who influence or make buying decisions has become more and more restricted, ultimately, making it difficult for patients to benefit from the innovative care they need. Our services help diminish difficulties hindering the sales of healthcare products and services important for improving patient outcomes and saving patients money. We believe in working only with companies that want to bring the very best in new medical ideas to market. 

Doctor to Doctor Sales Solutions helps clients with the most important step in the sales cycle:  Our physicians contact the clients’ prospects directly, scheduling the clients’ salespeople for face-to-face or telephone meetings with those individuals who make or influence the buying decisions. In doing so, our physicians set the stage for our clients’ salespeople to be successful. 

We specialize in offering our services to the following industries:

  •         Healthcare Information Technology (HIT)
  •         Medical Device
  •         Capital Medical Equipment
  •         Pharmaceutical
  •         Biotechnology
  •         Managed Care Organizations (MCO)

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Senior Medical Associate


Job Description:
We are seeking an individual (with an M.D. or D.O. degree in any specialty) who enjoys keeping their clinical knowledge current by learning about new medical products and services being brought to the healthcare market. Our physicians telephone healthcare executives and other physicians to inform and assist them in becoming familiar with those products and services. Then, our physicians schedule meetings between these key healthcare decision makers and our clients’ salespeople. By helping our clients’ salespeople succeed, our physicians enable them to act as a conduit for delivery of cutting-edge products and services designed for the ultimate benefit of patients.

Knowledge of computers, including use of Microsoft Office Word, Outlook email, Internet Explorer, and the Internet is required. The majority of time will be spent on the telephone and the rest of the time using the computer to document the calls. There is no travel. The ideal candidate is highly motivated, focused while working, tenacious, persuasive, enjoys a challenge, and has excellent communication skills. All work will be performed at our office based in Denver, Colorado.


This position will begin at 20 hours per week and can become a full time position. Pay includes a base salary plus commission.


For inquires about this job offering, please contact us at:

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