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Shopping for disability insurance can be overwhelming with so many different available companies and policy options. We pride ourselves in being able to simplify this complex process for you. We distill the information to create a quote comparison that is simple to compare yet provides the pertinent information for you to make an informed decision.

Set for Life Insurance is a true brokerage. We do not work for an insurance company yet we are contracted with most companies in the marketplace to offer them to our clients. We work on behalf of you, our client, to shop around to find the most suitable options. Instead of requesting quotes from several sources, Set for Life is able to provide side by side comparisons for you with your goals and needs in mind. We take into consideration your occupation, gender, income, geographical location, health history and other variables before showing different products. We also have the largest portfolio of available discounts in the industry, including unisex rates.

When you request a quote from Set for Life Insurance, you will receive a customized comparison with your objectives in mind. Based on the information provided, we will quote the companies who will best fit your demographic.  We likely have available discounts that you can’t find elsewhere.

Multiple Options to Suit Your Needs

With that in mind, we prepare multiple options from several companies with you in mind. If we know your needs will change in the near term (moving to a different state, changing employers or careers, moving to a different state), we will help you determine the best strategic course of action.

The initial comparison is just that — initial. We can certainly modify or revise the quotes to suit them to your needs and desires.

When you request a quote, you can expect to hear from us very soon with a customized quote comparison with your goals in mind.

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Customized Quote Comparisons

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Getting the right disability insurance can be downright confusing. At Set For Life, we’ll help you understand the options and work with you to select just the right product for you and your family. These articles will help you understand some of the complexities involved, but we’re happy to walk you through it! If you’re ready to get set, reach out for a quote today!