Why is disability insurance more expensive for women?
Jun 21, 2010
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

21 Jun, 2010

When it comes to disability insurance, women pay approximately 40% more than their male counterparts. Why? The answer is claims. Rates are derived from claims experience and women tend to be disabled 40% more often than men.

 The opposite is true for life insurance. Women live longer and pay less for their life insurance premiums.

 So if you are a women in the market to purchase disability insurance, what can you do to try to reduce your premiums?

 Look for discounts. The best type of discount is an employer sponsored discount that provides not only an employer discount, but unisex rates. Unisex rates alone will reduce female rates by approximately 35-40% Add another 20% on for employer sponsored rates and you will save significantly.

 If you are unsure if your employer already has a discount, contact Set for Life and we can help you find out if a discount is already in place. If it is not yet in place, 3 or more people from the same employer would need to apply for a policy.

If you purchase a policy with a discount, be sure it is the type of policy where the discounts apply to all future increases. Some policies will only discount the base policy and if you leave your employer, your discount on your future purchase will not apply.

 For more information about disability insurance for women, discounted rates or to request a quote, please contact Set for Life Insurance.

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