When Should Young Professionals Purchase Disability Insurance?
May 7, 2023
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

7 May, 2023
When should young professionals purchase disability insurance?

Here are some specific situations when professionals should consider purchasing disability insurance:

  1. Starting a new career: If you’re just starting your career, it’s a good time to consider purchasing disability insurance, as you may not have built up significant savings or assets yet.
  2. Increasing income: If you’ve recently received a raise or promotion that has increased your income, it’s a good time to reevaluate your disability insurance coverage to ensure that it still meets your needs.
  3. Becoming self-employed: If you’re starting a new business or becoming self-employed, disability insurance can help protect your income and business in case of an unexpected disability.
  4. Major life changes: If you’ve recently gotten married, had a child, or bought a home, it’s a good time to consider disability insurance to help protect your financial future in case of an unexpected disability.
  5. Changing jobs: If you’re changing jobs and your new employer does not offer disability insurance as an employee benefit, it’s a good time to consider purchasing your own coverage.
  6. Graduating from grad school. If you are graduating from a grad school, you may be able to purchase disability insurance at discounted rates and without proof of income. This applies to the following professionals:
    1. Accountants
    2. Architects
    3. CRNAs
    4. Medical Students
    5. Law Students
    6. Dental Students
    7. Pharmacy Students
    8. Veterinary Students

Professionals should consider purchasing disability insurance early in their career to ensure that they have protection in case of an unexpected disability. It’s important to evaluate your needs periodically and adjust your coverage as necessary to ensure that you have adequate protection.

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