Union Central Makes Enhancements to Their Disability Insurance Portfolio
May 23, 2011
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

23 May, 2011
Enhancements to Union Central’s DInamic Foundation ProductsEffective immediately, Union Central has made three significant improvements to their DI underwriting programs.

  1. For DInamic Foundation medical occupational classes 6M, 5M and 4M only, the Maximum Participation Limit with either Group LTD or Individual DI coverage is now $25,000 per month. The Maximum Issue Limit for these occupational classes remains at $15,000 ($16,000 if employer-paid) per month. 

  1. An upgrade to the limits available under the Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) program has been approved for groups that fall within “preferred” industries and occupations.

a. Eligible groups must have:

    i. 5-20 lives

   ii. Occupational classification of 4A and above (no manual duties); and

  iii. Premiums must be 100% employer-paid (no voluntary).

  iv. GSI amounts determined by specific case demographics

b. Preferred industries and occupations include:

    i. Accountants

   ii. Architects

  iii. Attorneys

   iv. Computer Industry

   v. Consultants (professional, managerial, working for a consulting firm)

  vi. Energy/Utility (managerial only)

 vii. Engineers

viii. Executives (corporate – may include manufacturing, retail, wholesale, service)

  ix. Hospital Administrators

   x. Optometrists

  xi. Pharmacists

  xii. Professional Services (research, scientific, payroll administration, technical writing, etc.)

xiii. University Administrators

3. An additional enhancement has been approved within the GSI/Focus 10 Combo program. Effective immediately, both GSI and Focus 10  policies may be owned by the employee.


Enhancements for Students, Residents, Fellows and Professionals Entering PracticeEffective immediately, the monthly benefit amounts for certain students, residents, fellows and professionals entering into practice have increased for both DInamic Foundation and DInamic 2000 policies. In addition, we have enhanced our guidelines for residents/fellows who want to exercise their FIO Rider upon completion of their program.

Students: (1)

                                           New Limits           Previous Limits

Senior Law Students              $3,000                   $1,500

Senior Optometry Students    $3,000                      –

Senior Veterinary Students    $2,500                    $2,000

Pharmacy Students               $2,000                    $1,500

Professionals in Residency or Fellowship: (1)

Dentists                              $4,000                    $3,000

Veterinarians                       $3,000                   $2,000

Pharmacists                         $2,500                   $2,000

CRNAs                                $2,000                      –

Professionals Entering Practice: (1,2)

Physicians & Osteopaths      $6,500                  $6,000

Architects                           $4,000                   $3,500

Attorneys & CPAs                $4,000                   $3,500

Engineers                           $4,000                   $3,500

Optometrists                       $4,000                   $3,000

Pharmacists                        $4,000                   $3,000

Veterinarians                      $4,000                   $3,000

CRNAs                               $3,000                     –

Medical Specialists Entering Practice: (1,2)

Cardiologists                      $7,500                   $6,000

Dermatologists                   $7,500                   $6,000

Gastroenterologists             $7,500                   $6,000

Hematologists                    $7,500                    $6,000

Neonatologists                   $7,500                    $6,000

Neurosurgeons                  $7,500                    $6,000

Oncologists                       $7,500                    $6,000

Ophthalmologists               $7,500                    $6,000

Orthopedic Surgeons         $7,500                     $6,000

Otolaryngologists              $7,500                     $6,000

Pathologists                      $7,500                     $6,000

Radiologists                      $7,500                     $6,000

Urologists                         $7,500                     $6,000

Dentists and Dental Specialties: (2)

Oral Surgeons                  $6,000                     $5,500

Endodontists                    $6,000                     $4,500

Orthodontists                   $6,000                     $4,500

Periodontists                    $6,000                     $4,500

Prosthodontists                $6,000                     $4,500

General Dentists              $5,000                     $4,000

1. Podiatrists do not qualify for special limits under these programs.

2. These amounts are available, less any disability benefits the applicant currently has in force.

3. Unless listed elsewhere.

Enhance Guideline for Exercising FIO Upon Completion of Residency/Fellowship Programs:

A medical resident or fellow may apply to exercise the entire benefit amount under this rider within six months of completion of the residency or fellow ship program provided that the following criteria are met:

  • Insured must have a material increase in income or have lost Group LTD benefits due to a job change; and
  • Must not be receiving benefits under the policy.

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