Ohio National Announces New Business Disability Products
Feb 5, 2013
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

5 Feb, 2013

Ohio National’s New Disability Income Insurance Products: Business Overhead Expense (BOE) and Disability Buy-Sell.

Ohio National announced they are introducing all new, industry leading disability income insurance products.

Ohio National Overhead Expense (BOE) policy offers:

  • Non-cancellable level premium pricing.
  • Own occupation definition of disability with new built in residual disability benefit and replacement salary expense.
  • New income and participation limits—issue up to $40,000 a month with additional $20,000 in first six months.
  • Enhanced Guarantee of Physical Insurability Rider—exercise up to hal of base benefit each anniversary up to age 60.

Disability Buy-Sell policy offers:

  • New income and participation limits—issue up to $2,000,000 combination lump sum and monthly installment.
  • New guarantee physical insurability rider—up to 20 percent of the original maximum aggregate benefit every second anniversary up to age 60.
  • Optional extended benefit rider—full benefit paid until age 65.

For more information about Ohio National’s new business disability insurance products or to request a personalized quote comparison, contact Set for Life Insurance today!

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