Disability Insurance Unisex Rates
Jan 15, 2013
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

15 Jan, 2013

Disability Insurance: Unisex Rates

When purchasing gender distinct disability insurance, rates will be approximately 40% more for women than men. This can make it very pricy to protect your income.

The best way to reduce your premiums is to look for a policy with unisex rates. This will immediately reduce your rates. Additionally, if the policy has an employer sponsored discount, this will reduce it by another 20%.

As a man, unisex rates can actually increase your premiums. Therefore, only look for a unisex rate that is accompanied by an employer sponsored discount.

First, find out if you are affiliated with one of the discounts already available by Set for Life Insurance. If they are not already in place, Set for Life can help you implement them.

For more information about unisex rates for disability insurance, contact Set for Life Insurance today!


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