Disability Insurance | Guardian Announces Changes for Young Professional Limits
Jan 14, 2015
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

14 Jan, 2015

2015 Announcement:

Guardian announces their new young professional limits:

First-Year Physicians:

General Practice Physicians (and non-invasive specialties not listed),
Geneticists, Geriatricians and Psychiatrists (MD) $6000/month
Allergists/Immunologists, Anesthesiologists, Anesthetists (MD or DO
only), Dermatologists, Emergency Room Physicians, Endocrinologists,
Family Practice Physicians, Gynecologists, Hematologists,
Immunologists, Internists, Nephrologists, Neurologists, Obstetricians,
Ophthalmologists, Pain Management Physicians, Pathologists,
Pediatricians, Physiatrists (physical medicine, rehab), Plastic Surgeons,
Pulmonologists, Rheumatologists and Surgeons (general and surgical
specialties not listed) $6500/month

Cardiologists, Gastroenterologists, Neonatologists, Neurosurgeons,
Oncologists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Otolaryngologists, Radiologists
and Urologists $7500/month

Medical Fellows, Residents and Students
Fellows $5000/month

Medical Residents $5000/month 

Sr. Medical Student5 $2500/month

First Year Dentists:

Dentists (General) $4000/month 

Endodontists, Pediatric Dentists, Periodontists and Prosthodontists $6000/month

Oral Surgeons $7500/month 

Orthodontists $7500/month 

Dental Residents and Students
Dental Specialty School $4000/month
Dental Specialty Residency $4000/month
General Dental Residency $3500/month 
Sr. Dental Students $2,100/month

First-Year Accountant/CPA $3,000/month
Accounting Student (final year) $1500/month

First-Year Architect $3,000/month
Architect Student (final year) $1,500/month

First-Year Attorney $3,000/month
Law School Student (final year) $3,000/month

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