Disability Insurance for Physicians: Premium Matters
Jan 15, 2013
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

15 Jan, 2013

Disability Insurance for Physicians: Premium Matters

Whenever you are shopping for something whether it is a new home, new car, a new outfit or disability insurance, price has an influence.

When shopping for disability insurance, it is important to look at all of the variables; definition of disability, riders, quality of company, etc… When the parameters are very similar, price can be the deciding factor.

Yesterday I was contacted by a diagnostic radiology medical resident, Dr. Radiant (name changed to protect anonymity), who was referred to me by one of her colleagues. She was confused because she had someone come talk to her residency class about disability insurance. They told her that she should not look at the premiums and only look at the features of the policy.

We discussed her situation at length and here is her profile: She is a graduating medical resident with approximately $200,000 of school loans. She is going to be moving from New York to Texas after graduation with her husband. They plan to start a family in the near future as well purchase a house. Her husband is a computer consultant and has yet to find a job.

Because of the large amount of debt she currently has and the fact that her situation is about to drastically change, I showed her several options, including the one recommended by the agent who spoke to her medical resident class. It turns out that the agent not only showed her the most expensive plan, but only showed her one company. By comparing all of the available policies in the marketplace for her medical specialty, we were able to find her a plan that cost more than 85% less than the plan she was shown. This 85% includes the special Set for Life Insurance discounts we have at her hospital in New York. Even without the discount, she would have saved more than 40% with a different policy.

Dr. Radiant discovered the importance of not only shopping around for disability insurance, but the value of working with an experienced disability insurance broker who could listen to her needs and find the most suitable option at the best price. It would be hard to justify paying 85% more in premiums.

For more information about shopping for disability insurance and finding the most suitable policy at the best premium, contact Set for Life Insurance today!



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