Disability Insurance for Pediatricians and Pediatric Residents and Fellows
Oct 26, 2010
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

26 Oct, 2010

As a pediatrician, it is important to protect your future earnings.  General pediatricians qualify for the most favorable occupational class with most companies. If you are planning to move onto a fellowship in a riskier specialty such as emergency medicine or cardiology, it is in your best interest to purchase your policy while still in your pediatric residency. This can save you approximately 20%. Keep in mind,, the policy will still cover you in your subspecialty even though you purchased your policy while doing general pediatrics.

Set for Life Insurance has discounts available for pediatric residents throughout the country. This can help save you between 15% (for men) and 55% (for women). These rates are unisex (female rates are approximately 40% more than male) and have employer sponsored discounts. If you purchase the policy while still employed at the discounted hospital, the discount is permanent and applies to all future increases.

When requesting a quote, be sure to mention the name of your hospital

Here are some of the hospitals around the country where we have available discounts:

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