Disability Insurance Discounts | Yale University
Jun 18, 2014
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

18 Jun, 2014

Set for Life Insurance is proud to offer special discounts on disability insurance at Yale University. The discounts are available for all employees affiliated with Yale. This includes medical students, dental students, medical residents and fellows, physicians, CRNAs, dentists, executives, nurses, physician assistants and all other various employees.

To qualify for the discount through Set for Life, applications must be submitted to Set for Life Insurance while employed by Yale. If you are a graduating medical student, dental student or medical resident, applications need to be submitted to Set for Life prior to graduation.

The discounts are available for all affiliated hospitals including:

  • Yale University
  • Yale School of Medicine
  • Yale New Haven Hospital
  • Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital
  • VA Connecticut
  • Yale New Haven Psychiatric Hospital
  • The John B. Pierce Laboratory
  • Yale School of Smilow Cancer CEnter
  • Norwalk Hospital

The discounts are permanent. If you ever leave Yale University, your discount will remain on the policy. If you were to then increase the benefits in the future, the discounts will still apply.

The discount includes a 20% overall discount. Additionally, the rates are unisex, saving women approximately 40% more on top of the 20% discount.

The policies cover you in your occupation or medical specialty (whichever is applicable). Rates are guaranteed for the duration of the policy. Other options are available such as cost of living rider, residual/partial disability rider and the ability to increase benefits in the future without further medical underwriting.

To qualify for a policy, an application is needed. Additionally, a phone interview and paramedical exam (blood and urine test) are required. Policies are subject to medical underwriting and are not guaranteed.

For more information about disability insurance discounts at Yale or to request a quote comparison, contact Set for Life Insurance today!

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