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Feb 27, 2014
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

27 Feb, 2014

Set for Life Insurance offers disability insurance discounts for physicians, residents, nurses, CRNAs, and other

employees of Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

The discounted disability insurance is also available for affiliates of Saint Louis University School of

Medicine, including:

• St. Louis University Hospital

• Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital

• Anheuser-Busch Eye Institute

• David P. Wohl Mental Health Institute

• St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

• St. John’s Mercy Medical Center

• St. Mary’s Hospital

• Bethesda Cancer Research Center

• St. Anthony’s Medical Center

• St. Louis Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The discounts range from 15-55%. For women, this discount is much greater since the rates are unisex. Since women typically pay 40% or more on their individual disability insurance, the unisex rate brings down the rate significantly. There is an additional 20% discount on top.

Once the discount is on the policy, it is permanent and applies to all future increases.

To qualify for the discount, applications must be submitted to Set for Life Insurance while employed at St. Louis University. If you are a graduating medical resident of fellow, applications need to be submitted prior to your graduation date.

For more information about the disability insurance discounts please follow this link to go to our

discounts page or contact Set for Life Insurance

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