Disability Insurance Discounts | Baylor Scott & White Hospital
May 19, 2015
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

19 May, 2015

Set for Life Insurance offers exclusive discounts on individual disability policies for all medical residents, fellows, physicians, executives, CRNAs and employees of Baylor Scott & White Health.

Applications must be submitted through Set for Life Insurance while employed at Baylor Scott & White. If you are a graduating medical resident, applications must be submitted prior to graduation. Policies are subject to medical underwriting.

Discounts are 20% and unisex rates. Women end up saving close to 70% than the nondiscounted rate since they pay close to double on their disability insurance premiums than their male counterparts.

Policies include all of the major available riders as well as a specialty specific definition of disability.

In addition to Baylor Scott & White, employees of the following affiliated hospitals are eligible for the discounted rates through Set for Life Insurance:

  • Scott & White Hospital- Brenham
  • Baylor Scott & White Emergency Medical Center Cedar Park
  • Scott & White Hospital College Station
  • Metroplex Health System Kileen
  • Scott & White Hospital Llano
  • Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Marble Falls
  • Scott & White Hospital Round Rock
  • Scott & White Hospital Taylor
  • McLane Children’s Scott & White Hospital Temple
  • Scott & White Continuing Care Hospital
  • Scott & White Memorial Hospital Temple
  • Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical Center

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