Disability Insurance Discounts: Baptist Medical Center
Aug 20, 2013
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

20 Aug, 2013

Set for Life Insurance is proud to announce discounts on disability insurance available at Baptist Health Systems based in Jackson, MS. The discounts are available to all physicians, medical residents, CRNAs, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, executives and all employees affiliated with Baptist Health.

The discounts offered range from 15%-55%. The rates are unisex and also include an additional 20% discount. Women, especially, save significantly on premiums.  Premiums are permanent and apply to any future increases on the policy. To obtain the discounted rates, applications must be submitted through Set for Life Insurance while employed at Baptist Health or any of their affiliates.

The policy has the following features:

  • True own occupation definition of disability, covering physicians in their medical specialties.
  • Noncancelable, guaranteed renewable.
  • Premiums are locked in and guaranteed to age 67.
  • Other riders available include residual, cost of living and catastrophic.

Policies are subject to individual medical underwriting.

The following affiliated hospitals are also eligible for the discounted rates through Set for Life:

  • Baptist Medical Center
  • Covington County Hospital
  • Franklin County Memorial Hospital
  • Franklin Medical Center
  • Jasper General Hospital
  • King’s Daughters Hospital
  • Magee General Hospital
  • Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital
  • Morehouse General Hospital
  • Newton Regional Hospital
  • North Sunflower Medical Center
  • Pioneer Community Hospital of Aberdeen
  • Pioneer Health Services of Patrick County
  • RJ Reynolds Patrick County Memorial Hospital
  • Richardson Medical Center
  • Richland Parish Hospital
  • S. E. Lackey Memorial Hospital
  • Simpson General Hospital
  • Winston Medical Center
  • Yalobusha General Hospital

For more information about disability insurance discounts for physicians, medical residents, CRNAs, doctors, pharmacists, dentists, executives, nurse practitioners or other employees affiliated with Baptist Medical Center, contact Set for Life Insurance today!

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