Why CRNAs choose Set for Life for their individual disability insurance
Jan 17, 2014
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

17 Jan, 2014

More and more CRNAs are discovering Set for Life Insurance for their individual disability insurance needs.

According to Laura Gross, a CRNA in Asheville, NC, “A lot of my fellow CRNA classmates told me about Set for Life Insurance when I was graduating from CRNA school. Not only were they extremely helpful, they were able to get me a discount that saved me tremendously. I now tell all of my CRNA friends about Set for Life Insurance!”

CRNAs are well versed in the need for disability insurance. They know that one sickness or injury would put them out of work.

Here are some reasons CRNAs are choosing Set for Life Insurance:

1)      Expertise. Set for Life has worked as an independent brokerage specializing in medical professionals, physicians and CRNAs since 1993. They work with most of the available companies and products in the industry and are on top of all of the changes taking place.

2)      Discounts. Set for Life has the largest portfolio of discounts in the country for CRNAs. These are especially beneficial for women as they are unisex and help save women over 55%. Let Set for Life know if you are affiliated with a hospital. If a discount is not yet in place, we can help you set it up.

3)      Products cover you in your medical specialty. It is important when purchasing an individual disability policy to make sure your policy will cover you if you can’t work as a CRNA even if you can work in another capacity.

4)      Rates are locked in and guaranteed to age 65. Unlike association plans where the premiums can change year to year, policies through Set for Life Insurance are noncancelable, guaranteed renewable. This means that once you have your policy, the company can never change your policy or increase your premium.

5)      Access to products. Set for Life has access to most products available in the industry and will spreadsheet your options.

6)      Priority and expedited underwriting. With most companies, the medical underwriting process can be an arduous and long process, especially if you don’t work with someone experienced with disability insurance. Because of the volume of business and relationships built, Set for Life Insurance clients receive priority and expedited underwriting attention.

7) Set for Life Insurance is licensed and has clients in all 50 states. No matter where you go, Set for Life can still take care of your needs.

For more information about CRNA disability insurance or to request a quote comparison, contact Set for Life Insurance today!

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