CRNAs are choosing Set for Life Insurance for their Disability Insurance needs.
Aug 28, 2012
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

28 Aug, 2012

CRNAs Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists around the country are choosing to work with Set for Life Insurance for their disability insurance planning needs.

 “I shopped around online and asked coworkers was thrilled when I was introduced to Set for Life. Not only were they capable of answering all of my questions, but they were able to offer me a discount that no one else could,” said Lynn Johnston, CRNA, in Charlotte, NC.  

Set for Life Insurance has established themselves as an industry leader in the CRNA marketplace for several reasons:

1)     Expertise. Set for Life has specialized in working with medical professionals, physicians, dentists and CRNAs with their individual disability insurance needs since 1993. Their wealth of knowledge is among the best in the industry.

2)     Discounts. Set for Life Insurance has the nation’s largest portfolio of disability insurance discounts in the country. This sets them apart from the competition as they are able to offer high quality, specialty specific policies at discounted rates. These discounts are also available to CRNA students and CRNAs working at hospitals around the country including:

  • ·        University of Alabama
  • ·        University of Iowa
  • ·        Louisiana State
  • ·        Boston College
  • ·        University of Maryland
  • ·        University of Minnesota
  • ·        Carolinas Medical
  • ·        Duke University
  • ·        Wake Forest University
  • ·        UMDNJ
  • ·        Columbia University
  • ·        SUNY
  • ·        Case Western University
  • ·        University of Cincinnati
  • ·        OHSU Oregon Health and Science
  • ·        Drexel University
  • ·        University of Pennsylvania
  • ·        Baylor University
  • ·        University of Texas

 3)     Independence. Set for Life works as an independent brokerage and works with all of the major companies. There is no need to contact several sources. They are able to do the leg work for you and can shop around to find the most suitable policy for you.

 What CRNAs should look for in an individual disability insurance policy: 

  • ·        Own Occupation Definition of Disability. This definition states that if due to sickness or injury you can’t work in your occupation, you will receive your benefits. Additionally, there is no reduction in benefits if you decide to work in another occupation.
  • ·        Increase options. This allows you to increase benefits in the future without going through any further medical underwriting.
  • ·        Residual Rider. This pays a partial benefit if you have a partial loss of income.
  • ·        Discounts. Set for Life Insurance has discounts available nationally for CRNA Nurse Anesthetists. These discounts range from 15-40% depending on your location and gender. If discounts are not yet available at your hospital, we can help you implement them to take advantage of this opportunity.


For more information about disability insurance for CRNA Nurse Anesthetists, please contact the Set for Life Insurance office today to request a comprehensive quote comparison personalized just for you.



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