CRNA Disability Insurance: A Pregnancy Story
Jan 5, 2014
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

5 Jan, 2014

A few years ago, I had a young CRNA contact me to purchase an individual disability insurance policy. She had just graduated from her CRNA program in North Carolina and was working as an independent contractor and needed to protect her income.  She was also recently married.

Fast forward three years and she called to let me know she found out she was pregnant and was almost immediately put on bed rest and wouldn’t be able to work for the next 8 months when she was due.

Her policy did not have any pregnancy restrictions since she became pregnant after the policy was in force. She also had an own occupation policy which meant that since she couldn’t work due to her medical condition as a CRNA, she was considered disabled. She also had a residual policy which only required a 20% or more loss of earnings to instigate a claim. In her case, she was considered totally disabled and not able to work at all.

Her policy had a 90 day elimination period so no benefits were paid until that amount of time had elapsed.

After the baby was born, the policy ceased paying benefits because she was no longer required to be on bedrest. Although she electively took time off to be with the baby, she was not directed to do so for medical purposes and therefore was no longer considered disabled.

If you are pregnant when you apply for a disability insurance policy, most likely the company will implement a pregnancy exclusion rider which will not pay benefits. This will be considered a pre existing condition.

If you had previous difficult pregnancies or complications and subsequently apply for an individual disability policy, chances are the company will put an exclusion on your policy.

If you apply prior to getting pregnant or after you deliver your child and are back to work full time, most likely pregnancy will be covered.

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