Commit a Selfless Act of Love With the Purchase of Life Insurance
Feb 14, 2011
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

14 Feb, 2011

We volunteer at the local shelter. We put donations in the church basket each week. We help an elderly person cross the street. We do a lot for

others and those we love without a thought of what we’ll get in return. Isn’t that what love and compassion are really about: selflessness?

The next time you want to express your love for those dearest to you, “commit” a selfless act of love by purchasing life insurance.

You may be wondering, what’s “selfless” about buying life insurance? Think about it. A life insurance policy will guarantee that your family will always be protected financially. In all likelihood you won’t be around to see or experience the death benefits of a life insurance purchase. But the proceeds of a policy could benefit your loved one for many years after you’re gone.

David Lewis’ Selfless Act of Love

David Lewis was a young, well-respected cardiac pediatrician who gave

selflessly of his time and talent. This included making regular trips to

Ecuador to provide free medical care to underprivileged children.

It was on one of these trips that he suddenly died of a heart attack at

the age of 43, leaving behind a wife and three young children.

While the pain from their loss may never go away, David’s family has

benefitted from the valuable legacy he left behind. The proceeds from the

life insurance he owned have enabled his wife, Sarah, to pay off the mortgage,

set up college funds and maintain the family’s quality of life. “Dave

had always taken care of us, and he continues to do that,” says Sarah.

Commit a Selfless Act of Love

with a Life Insurance Purchase

The Perfect Gift for

These Uncertain Times

Do you struggle to find the right

gift for that special person in your

life? If so, then think about buying

a life insurance policy the next

time a gift-giving opportunity

arises. According to a 2008 study,

93% percent of adult Americans

believe that it’s important for most

people to have life insurance coverage,

yet nearly a third of them

(68 million) have no life insurance.

In these uncertain times, give

your loved one the gift of longterm

financial security.

Sarah Lewis and children (from left) Meghan,

Matthew and Michael.

Life insurance. Learn more about the power of life insurance at You do it for love.

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