2011 Disability Insurance Awareness Month Photo Contest
May 4, 2011
Jamie Fleischner

Jamie Fleischner

4 May, 2011

The Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education will be using a photo contest to get consumers to think about the importance of insuring their paychecks.

LIFE, Arlington, Va., says it will offer a $500 gift card to the consumer who submits the best photo and caption for the “This Moment Made Possible by My Paycheck” contest.

The 2011 Disability Insurance Awareness Month public outreach campaign will start May 1. A photo contest microsite will take contest submissions throughout May, LIFE says.

LIFE started the Disability Insurance Awareness Month campaign to get consumers, employers and people in the insurance industry to think more about the importance of disability insurance.

The message of the 2011 awareness month campaign will be “Protect Your Paycheck,” LIFE says.

“This May, we want to get the message out that if you have a job and earn a paycheck, you need disability insurance,” says LIFE President Marvin Feldman.

In addition to sponsoring the photo contest, LIFE is putting a new consumer education website at http://www.protectyourpaycheck.org, and it is posting a disability insurance awareness kit for producers http://www.lifehappens.org/diamkit.

The spokesperson for the 2011 awareness month will be Rosemarie Rossetti, a woman whose life changed when a tree fell on her and paralyzed her while she was biking. Her disability insurance helped her keep going at a time when she could not work.

Allison Bell

For more information about Disability Insurance Awareness Month, to submit a photo or to request a disability insurance quote, please contact the Set for Life Insurance office today.

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